FunParty Make-Over

Fancy dress in a few clicks

You've been invited to the Halloween party and you want to impress your friends? You don't have to rack your brains over your funny image. Now you have an opportunity to chose the one you like from a great number of ready solutions, or create a new one by combining face and body paintings, tattoos and masks, wigs and glasses and other accessories.

All you have to do is to use your creativity and your new image will be done in few mouse clicks.
The program is very easy to use even for a child. You load an initial portrait from any of four sources: TWAIN equipment (digital camera, video-camera, scanner), clipboard, a file in graphic format, or our portrait library. At any time during your work, you can save the edited portrait, copy it to the clipboard, print it using a customized printing layout (from one to four portraits per page and the choice of mirror view), or send it via e-mail to a friend or relative.

A fun application for those fancy dress moments.

FunParty Make-Over


FunParty Make-Over 3.1